The SensaBus Society of BC is a Sensory Fun Bus which was created out of a perceived need for a sensory environment for kids who have limited access to sensory rooms.

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What We Do!

A sensory room is a relaxing environment designed to focus on specific senses through special objects, sound and visual effects. Aboard the SensaBus, kids can control the environment around them and avoid overstimulation. The Sensabus has equipment such as swings and hammocks that can help calm children and adults with Sensory Integration Disorders.

The Sensory Bus inspires children to be creative, motivates them to be active and promotes self-confidence and esteem in a safe and comfortable environment.

Goals of the Sensory Bus Society of BC:

1) Provide safe opportunities for children’s engagement while teaching skills through a variety of therapeutic and fun activities.

2) Remove financial constraints that may restrict a child’s participation.

Our Mission is provide clients who have ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), SPD, ADHD etc with a safe and fun environment where each child can learn skills at their own pace. Trish Mandewo

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